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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 3:36 am 
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Joined: Mon May 29, 2006 7:00 pm
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Car: 92 GST

    #1 You cannot post a Sale/WTB ad until you reach
    a minimal 20 post count
    [size=167]And/OR ARE A Verified Seller/Vendor.

    This is so your first post cannot be a Sale/WTB post. I don't
    wan't people to just come on here just to sell things!!

    #2. By popular demand, YOU MUST list your asking price on
    items for sale. It saves time and may help you sell your item faster. If
    you are not sure of a price please do the appropriate research.

    #3a. Do not "bump" your thread. If you're not getting any
    response to your post then obviously no one's interested in your
    part/s. You may however, reply to your own post when making a
    price change. If you'd like to bump your for sale ad. Drop the price,
    and don't drop it a dollar thinking you're cute. I'll just ban you.
    (You can do this once every other week)

    #3B. You can add any pertinent information to your thread.
    Such as pictures or updates or anything new to the subject mater.
    Just don't purposely "TTT" or it will be locked.

    #3c. Also please update what is sold and what is not sold.
    When an item for sale has been sold, please do members
    the courtesy of posting that it has been sold to avoid future posts.
    Until then the thread will remain unlocked.

    #3c. If you have multiple items please keep all your items for sale
    in one post. Do not double post or continue to post the same item(s) in
    multiple threads. As this clutters the Forums.

    **** If you are in a tough situtation and really need to sell
    your items, inform a Mod and you might be given permission
    to "TTT" your ad once every week for a certain amount of
    time to be determined later on. ****

    #4. No commercial posts

    #5. Acceptable items are going to be things obviously DSM related

    #6. Arguing in this forum will not be tolerated. Take
    your problem up with the other party elsewhere.

    (FOR NOW this will be allowed!) ->
    If a current member posts an ad for someone else, the poster
    will assume all responsibility for that transaction. If that buddy
    ding-dongs over a board user, you are going to be held responsible.
    Keep that in mind if you post for someone else.

    #7. Links to off-site sales such as eBay, will be allowed if it
    is pertinent.

    #8. No calling "Dibs", Seller will sell to whom puts up the
    $$$ first. You snooze you lose!

    New(7/07)Threads older than 6 months will
    be locked if they're not updated. And/or you can just start a new thread.
    No reason for people to be looking for parts on page 3 or more
    of the F/S or WTB forums.

    **Quick Note- If the F/S or WTB ad is closed, then the matter at hand
    has been resolved. Even if the the original poster doesn't give any notification,
    I try to stay in contact with everybody.
    To keep the Trade Forums as up to date as possible...

    Transactions are between the buyer & seller. So FLA DSM is not responsible
    for any problems that may arise. Please do not ask moderators
    for help recovering your loss.

    If a verified member scams somebody on here notify the Admin immediately!!

    If you have a problem with a post, feel free to PM a moderator and
    we can work it out.
    With all that said, enjoy and good luck with
    all sales and transactions

Being a "Patriot" does not mean prioritizing service to government above all else.
-Edward Snowden

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